Y81t Metal Baler

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Y81t Metal Baler

Product Description

Y81T series hydraulic metal balers can all kinds of scrap metal (scrap, iron shavings, scrap, aluminum scrap, Stainless steel waste and scrap cars) squeezed into the shape of a rectangular body, the octagonal shape, the cylindrical body qualified furnaceMaterial can reduce the cost of transportation and smelting costs, can improve the speed of the cast furnace. This series of products are mainly suitable forSteel mills, recycling industry, as well as non-ferrous metals, ferrous metal smelting industry.
No. Name Press box siz(mm)   bale size(mm) motor power
1 Y81T-63 1000x600x500 200x200 7.5KW     
2 Y81T-100 1000x700x550 250x250 11KW     
3 Y81T-100Y 1200x700x500 φ 300 11KW     
4 Y81T-125A 1200x700x600 300x300 15KW   
5 Y81T-125B 1200x700x600 250x250 15KW     
6 Y81T-125C 1200x700x600 Octagon250x250 15KW   
7 Y81T-135M 1200x700x800 500x500 15KW   
8 Y81T-160 1400x900x700 350x350 15KW   
9 Y81T-200A 1800x1200x800 400x400 18.5KW     
10 Y81T-200B 1800x1400x900 400x400 18.5KW 
11 Y81T-250A 1200x800x700 500x500 22KW   
12 Y81T-250B 900x600x500 450x450 22KW     
13 Y81T-315A 1600x1200x800 500x500 22KW 
14 Y81T-315B 1800x1400x800 500x600 22KW 
15 Y81T-400 2000x1400x1000 500x600 22KW     

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